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A draft immigration and amnesty measure that accelerates the flow of foreign workers with visas into the white-collar jobs desired by many aspirant U.S. grads has been pushed by a number of GOP members working with Democrats.

Representatives Mara Elvira Salazar (R-FL), Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R-OR), and Mike Lawler (R-NY) are the only three GOP lawmakers who support the combined amnesty along with the visa worker giveaway.

Along with amnesty for the millions of blue-collar immigrants, “what they are trying to do is further lower wages of white-collar workers,” said Kevin Lynn, founder of U.S. Tech employees, an advocacy organization representing U.S. grads, adding:

“It’s another downward spiral,” Nobody in the establishment appears to care that the visa worker migrants are forcing people out of employment and driving down pay in the medical field and all other white-collar occupations.”

On page 490 of the 493-page measure, Section 51312, titled “People with Doctorate Degrees in STEM fields Acknowledged as Individuals Possessing Extraordinary Ability,” contains the visa worker giveaway.

The reclassification guarantees that any number of foreign graduates may get renewed 0-1 work visas when they have “earned an advanced degree in a minimum of one of these fields, in a medical profession, or in another related program, through an institution of higher education within the United States.”

The measure also gives green cards to visa holders who have been employed or enrolled in school in the United States for ten years. Many white-collar firms, which includes Fortune 500 subcontractors, will be able to compensate visa employees with the reward of green cards -instead of money-if they work for ten years in the United States thanks to the “indentured worker” shift.

By offering more green cards for their family members, the law also essentially doubles the current awarding of green cards to 140,000 visa workers each year.

According to Lynn, the clauses are comparable to the gift that was concealed in a measure to promote domestic technological development. Midwest GOP Senators who want their fellow citizens to have technological professions halted the gift.

The new measure is beneficial to businesses, investors, visa workers, and illegal immigrants, but it is detrimental to Americans and their families.

Author: Blake Ambrose

Since the Labor Department started keeping track of the data in 1996, the number of foreign people possessing jobs in America has increased, while native-born Americans’ employment is falling, a trend that has been going on under President Biden.

According to statistics reported in the Wall Street Journal, the number of foreign-born employees holding employment in the United States reached a peak of more than 18% in 2022, the highest level in over 30 years.

Over 1.3 million native-born Americans entered the workforce last year, while 1.8 million more foreign-born individuals had employment or were seeking for work.

An economist told the Journal that “immigrants are a “buoy” for the labor force and are responsible for any actual improvements that have occurred,” said Elizabeth Crofoot, head economist at job market data company Lightcast.

The Biden administration has boosted the foreign-born workforce by 5% in only four years due to its primary focus on boosting total immigration to the U.S. via legal entry, unlawful entry, and foreign visa worker programs.

The proportion of native-born Americans in the labor force has decreased by 0.5% over the same time period. The unemployment rate for employees who were born abroad was also lower last year than it was for Americans, (3.4 percent vs. 3.7 percent).

A recent study from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) demonstrates that although a reduction in total immigration, both legal and illegal, increases earnings at a greater pace for non-college-educated Americans, mass unskilled immigration to the U.S. maintains wages sluggish for these Americans.Research by the CIS reveals:

“Real weekly wages for full-time, U.S.-born employees without a bachelor’s degree increased by 3.2% between the fourth quarters of 2016 and 2019. During this period, the overall immigrant population (legal and illegal) grew by an average of around 400,000 people each year, down from roughly 730,000 people per year from 2012 to 2016, when the incomes of those who were born in the United States but with less education actually decreased.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

An amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants has been proposed by Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL) along with other congressmen, with the backing of the US Chamber of Commerce, which represents some of the biggest international firms in the country.

Salazar joined others this week to offer a modified version of her amnesty proposal, which she first put up a year ago but failed to gather support amid record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants.

As a supporter of Salazar, the Chamber of Commerce hailed the amnesty and the extension of foreign worker visas as successes for big businesses seeking to swell the American labor market to increase international competition, maintain low wages, and increase the number of customers for whose goods are sold.

According to Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Immigration Affairs Jon Baselice, “this proposal provides the kind of bipartisan solutions required to protect our borders, repair our asylum system, and assist American companies to fulfill their workforce needs to survive. We are eager to collaborate with the bill’s authors to see these urgently needed changes to our country’s flawed immigration system become law.”

The idea combines a biometric entry-exit system as a whole, a crackdown on asylum scams, as well as nationally obligatory E-Verify, among other things, with an amnesty for the country’s 11 to 22 million illegal immigrants who are able to pass a background check and settle back taxes.

Illegal aliens who submit applications for amnesty will have to pay $5,000 in restitution and be placed on a 12-year course to eventually obtain a green card and then become naturalized Americans after adhering to a set of requirements which includes learning English, meeting more restitution, and acquiring community service points.

The idea also raises the per-country immigration ceilings from the existing seven percent to fifteen percent while completely eliminating legal immigration limitations on the H-1B, H-2A, and H-2B visa categories.

In addition to issuing over a million temporary work visas to foreign people each year, the United States also distributes green cards to over a million legal immigrants. Legal immigration levels have increased the proportion of immigrants to the United States to the highest level ever, together with illegal immigration.

Given that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has made it plain time and time again that he would not accept any amnesty measures, it is doubtful that the plan will find support among House Republicans.

Author: Blake Ambrose

At Amazon, Facebook, and Google, tensions are rising among tech staff as layoffs, mandatory return-to-office policies, and other issues create unhappiness and discontent. The level of unrest at Amazon is so great that employees are apparently considering a walkout.

Layoffs, mandated return-to-work schedules, and other difficulties, according to The Washington Post, are raising tensions among tech employees at Google, Amazon, and Facebook (now referred to as Meta). Amazon workers at the Seattle headquarters of the corporation have declared intentions to organize a walkout a week after the corporation’s annual shareholder session on May 31. The strike is a response to many issues, including layoffs, the requirement to return to work, and concerns over Amazon’s climate promises.

Under the condition of anonymity, a Los Angeles-based Amazon worker who planned to take part said, “Morale seems like it is at a historic low. In meetings and one-on-one conversations with coworkers, there is a great deal of ambiguity and poor leadership. Being an Amazon employee right now is unnerving.”

Morale at Google and Facebook has fallen as a consequence of senior executives collecting huge bonuses as the businesses continue to lay off thousands of staff. Since last year, when increasing interest rates made it more difficult for entrepreneurs to get rapid capital, the tech industry has been experiencing difficulties. As a result, tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have announced layoffs that would result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

Google is enforcing return-to-office standards, which is raising employee stress since they fear the business would utilize these rules to make staff reductions without giving notice of layoffs.

As part of the third wave of a months-long staff reduction that will result in the loss of 10,000 positions, Facebook anticipates more layoffs this month. Employees have used anonymous message boards to express their anger with the company’s management.

Amazon has eliminated 27,000 positions since 2022. The company’s director of human resources rejected a petition that had been signed by more than 30,000 workers asking for a reconsideration of the return-to-office rule.

Author: Blake Ambrose

Following the dismissal of the entire IRS staff looking into the president’s son, a second IRS whistleblower in the Dept. of Justice’s (DOJ) investigation into Hunter Biden for tax fraud emerged, according to papers handed to Congress this week.

The IRS whistleblower, a global tax and also financial crimes special agent joins his supervisor in alleging that two political appointees of the Biden admin. within the Justice Dept. interfered politically with the investigation to thwart charges against Hunter Biden for tax offenses. In order to maintain some distance between the investigation and President Joe Biden, the initial whistleblower further said that Attorney General Merrick Garland declined to name a special prosecutor in the matter.

The House Ways and Means Committee will hold a historic hearing this week, and both whistleblowers plan to attend. They will discuss their worries over the DOJ’s suspected internal corruption.

After the DOJ reportedly instructed him and his team to be removed from the investigation, the second IRS whistleblower informed Congress. Since January 2020, the new whistleblower has been in charge of the inquiry and has worked with 12 other people.

The latest whistleblower said that on May 17, leadership cut his team out of the investigation after learning of “longstanding worries” about how the inquiry was handled. Apparently, the worries incensed a redacted “U.S. Attorney for the District…”

The chief prosecutor for the case is David Weiss, United States Attorney for the District of Delaware, who was appointed by the Trump administration. Although Biden’s attorney general has acknowledged he must approve the charges, Garland said to Congress in March that Weiss had the independence to suggest revisions.

“On October 7, 2022, U.S. Attorney for the District of [redacted] learned that the IRS, as well as the FBI, had long-standing reservations about the case’s management… In a prosecutorial team call with the [redacted] USAO on Oct. 17, 2022, continued to express concerns; as a result, he and his IRS team were no longer invited to any additional prosecutorial team phone calls or meetings on the matter, effectively removing them from the case,” according to a report sent to Congress.

“For the last two years, my supervisor as well as myself have worked to get our top leadership’s attention about certain pressing investigation-related concerns. I have requested several meetings with our head and deputy chief, only to often be abandoned on an island with no communication from them,” the agent said in an email to IRS officials.

“It is highly alarming and unacceptable that top leadership from the IRS-Criminal inquiry has not participated in this inquiry. The response had too frequently been that we were isolated, rather than realizing the importance of ensuring close engagement and full support of the investigative team in this extremely sensitive case (even when I repeatedly complained that I was not being heard and that I felt that I couldn’t do my job well due to the actions taken by the USAO and DOJ, my concerns were disregarded by senior leadership).”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

According to Moody’s Analytics economic research, as rents throughout the country rise at a rate significantly greater than wage growth, housing for working as well as lower-middle-class Americans is becoming even more expensive.

The study reveals that although U.S. rentals have increased by about 135 percent since 1999, wages have only increased by roughly 77 percent.

According to research by Moody’s, which has been monitoring the average rent-to-income ratio in the United States for over 25 years, “last year, the share of American family earnings required for renting an average-priced apartment surpassed the rental-burdening 30 percent threshold for the very first time.”

“Rising mortgage rates kept potential homebuyers in their flats by making it too expensive for many people to purchase a home. As a consequence, rental demand soared and prices skyrocketed.”

“The only U.S. metro region where rent accounted for more than 30% of a household’s monthly paycheck in 1999 was New York. There, an average-priced apartment would have cost a family with a median salary about 54% of their take-home pay.”

“By the conclusion of 2022, rent burdens in seven metros were over 30 percent, with six of those metros being on the East Coast.”

Specifically stated in the research, “increased demand has placed pressure on rental prices and made it difficult for renters to come across affordable housing.”

A portion of this rise in demand can be attributed to the country’s decades-long massive immigration policy, which annually admits more than a million legal immigrants along with a million foreign workers with visas, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of newly arrived illegal aliens who joined the population and require housing.

According to Breitbart News, 333.3 million people lived in the United States in 2022. More than 80% of that population expansion may be attributed to legal immigration, which former President George H.W. Bush dramatically increased in the early 1990s and has not decreased since.

The U.S. population has increased by over 16 million since 1999 as a result of immigration.

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) said on Twitter that “housing expenses for average Americans increase when too many individuals are admitted. Stop Biden’s border crisis, and end his assault on home affordability.”

Even proponents of mass immigration have acknowledged that the program raises housing costs, particularly for Americans in the working and lower middle classes.

Mass immigration is “devastating for housing costs,” New York Magazine said last week, following other mainstream media publications like the New York Times as well as Wall Street Journal in making this admission.

Similar to this, a report by the Michael Bloomberg-funded New American Economy organization detailed how the decades-long immigration of tens of millions of people contributed to a $3.7 trillion increase in housing costs for the next generation of homeowners, but it misrepresented the amount as the development of “housing wealth.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

According to an Associated Press-NORC survey, the majority of Americans want the debt limit lifted “only if lawmakers include terms on lowering the country’s budget deficit.”

Participants were asked to choose the response that most closely matched their opinions on what Congress ought to do to address the borrowing cap as the country is on the verge of defaulting on its staggering $31.3 trillion national debt.

Only 19% of respondents think the cap should be lifted “without conditions”; this was the position taken for months by President Biden’s administration before talks with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) were initiated. Furthermore, only 34% of Democrats and 6% of Republicans favor an increase “without conditions.”

On the other hand, a majority of 63% of Americans, including the majority of Republicans and Democrats, want Congress along with President Biden to increase the borrowing ceiling “only if lawmakers attach terms on lowering the federal budget deficit.” Democrats only want the debt limit increased if budget cutbacks are included, according to 58% of them. Seventy-one percent of Republicans join them.

The Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023, which would increase the debt ceiling and slash expenditure, has been approved by the House of Representatives after months of calls from House Republicans for spending reductions outside of Social Security and Medicare. It is the only piece of legislation on Capitol Hill that has been approved by the Senate or the House to avert a catastrophic default. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it could save $4.8 trillion over the next ten years.

There are just 16% of Americans who “do not support plans to increase the national debt limit based on any circumstances,” including 7% of Democrats and 23% of Republicans.

The majority of respondents (66%) are either “Extremely” or “Highly concerned” about the state of the economy in the event of a default. Only 6% of people are “Not concerned,” while another 27% are “Somewhat concerned.”

Many Americans disapprove of the way Biden and members of Congress from both parties have “handled” the debt limit talks. Of the respondents, 48% disapprove of how Biden has handled the situation, while 49% do not approve of how Republicans in Congress or the Democrats in Congress have handled it.

Between May 11 and 14, the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research sampled 1,680 individuals nationwide. 3.4 percentage points are plus or minus the margin of error.

Author: Scott Dowdy

This week, New York Magazine acknowledged that large-scale immigration to the country is really “bad for housing prices” for Americans searching for reasonably priced single-family houses.

The left-wing publication’s admission comes as years of study has found that the country’s admittance of over a million legal immigrants yearly, along with the millions of illegal aliens, contributes to the skyrocketing housing costs for working- as well as middle-class Americans.

“However, housing is a crucial industry where immigrants raise demand.” Eric Levitz, a writer for New York Magazine, acknowledged that “people are in need of homes.”

Levitz contends that in spite of massive immigration being “bad for housing cost,” the United States should make mass immigration “work” by rewarding real estate developers with the abolition of local zoning regulations and the quick development of multi-family complexes in single-family communities, contrary to what the majority of Americans desire.

“In a world of restricted zoning as well as housing shortages, the anti-immigrant narrative of the nationalist right achieves a modicum of plausibility: If the availability of housing units is primarily fixed permitting immigrants to come into your city is going to decrease the housing security for the native-born,” Levitz claims:

“Massive immigration stresses everyday people when housing development does not keep pace with population increase. That will cause political challenges in even some of the most cosmopolitan of places, as recent events in New York demonstrate. Both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, which support increased immigration, have recently made similar confessions.”

Similar criticism of the problem of mass immigration pushing up housing prices for Americans has come from Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH), who told Breitbart News that the strategy of importing millions each year is comparable to “economic warfare.”

“Consider the consequences on working Americans’ income of having 10 million additional individuals vying for employment who should not be here,” Vance added. “When you need to accommodate 10 million individuals who shouldn’t be living here, the cost of housing increases at a time when mortgage rates are already sky-high. Consider what this does to home prices.”

“The main issue here is the stealing of the American dream from American folks, which is why we must continue to resist it,” he said. “This is economic warfare.”

The report acknowledged that “the 40 million immigrants who live in America represent a significant purchasing class, indicated by their need for housing, and their need for all other locally produced services and goods,” which boosts the value of houses in areas all across the nation.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

Far-left Cori Bush, a U.S. congresswoman, suggested $14 trillion in government reparations this week, claiming that America had a “moral and legal responsibility” to make up “for the enslavement of Africans.”

The Missouri Democrat’s campaign was described by National Public Radio as an “Attempt to get the U.S. government to make amends for the practice of slavery and a long history of racist policies thereafter.”

According to NPR, Bush said during a press conference that “the United States has a legal and moral duty of offering reparations for the slavery of Africans and the long-term harm it caused on the lives of many millions of black people.”

She also said that “America must offer reparations if we want future prosperity for all,” according to the news source.

“We are aware that slavery’s relics are still with us today. We are aware of how slavery fueled Jim Crow.” According to NPR, Bush said, “We know how slavery’s repercussions carry on today. She listed the racial wealth disparity, voting suppression, infant death rates, and other detrimental health consequences for black people.”

According to the source, Bush said, “It is unjust, and it would not occur in a fair, equitable, and just society. Those aren’t the results of human society naturally. They are directly brought about by the part played throughout our history by our federal government in the exploitation and slavery of Africans and Black people.”

NPR offers more

“The majority of Latinos along with Asian Americans also reject reparations, as do around three-quarters or more of white individuals.”

“Black Americans appear strongly in favor of the suggestion, and young individuals as a whole are more inclined to support providing money to the ancestors of those who were enslaved in comparison to their older counterparts.”

“However, more than 90% of Republicans claim to be against it, while Democrats are divided almost evenly on the subject of remuneration for descendants.”

What else has Bush been doing?

Bush has been active recently in promoting leftist viewpoints and policies:

She was one of just two members of Congress to vote in opposition to a resolution this week honoring law enforcement; this week is “Police Week.” Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) was the other.

Bush said in a tweet from earlier this month that Republicans run from a position that supports “white supremacy” as well as “gun violence.”
She slammed black Republican Representative Byron Donalds of Florida in January, labeling him a “prop” for the GOP and charging him with supporting a “policy agenda focused on upholding as well as promoting white supremacy.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

Vice President Kamala Harris was given a briefing on the ongoing debt limit negotiations after President Joe Biden departed for an international trip.

As Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the White House continue to discuss a possible debt limit agreement, Biden traveled to Japan this week.

Biden left Harris to take part in a “virtual briefing” on the debt ceiling discussions in his place.

Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), blasted the Biden administration’s lack of initiative in the talks in a statement issued.

“Border czar Kamala Harris is currently participating in debt ceiling negotiations even though she presides over the most catastrophic border crisis in the nation’s history,” McDaniel stated in a written statement. “President Biden has departed the country. Since the Biden-Harris admin. lacks leadership, problems keep happening and American people are left to deal with the fallout, but they don’t care.”

“President Biden leaves for Asia as House and Senate Republicans conduct a news conference on a prudent debt ceiling rise,” according to Chad Gilmartin, McCarthy’s deputy spokesperson.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued a warning that the federal government would approach the debt ceiling by June 1 at the time of the most recent White House discussion with McCarthy over the debt ceiling. McCarthy and Biden are under pressure to reach a deal because of this alleged deadline.

The government wouldn’t run out of funds until July 28, according to Bank of America analysts, as Breitbart News Economics Editor John Carney pointed out in his Breitbart Business Digest, giving political leaders a lot more time to bargain.

This week, McCarthy informed reporters that he thought an agreement may be reached “by the last day of the week.”

“As a result, our negotiation process is now more structured. Even if we just have a few days to do it, it now provides you a greater chance,” McCarthy added.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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