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Following the closure of over 100 stores last week, the seafood business Red Lobster, which lost millions of dollars on its all-you-can-eat shrimp offer last year, has formally filed for bankruptcy.

Red Lobster said in a statement that it has voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 in Florida. It still plans to maintain its sites, though.

The business reported receiving a funding commitment of $100 million to support continuing operations.

The seafood chain said that it will “pursue a sale of essentially all of its assets as a continuing concern, drive operational efficiencies, and streamline the business through a decrease in locations.”

The news follows a $76 million loss for the business in 2018 and a 30% decline in visitors since 2019.

In a court filing on Sunday, Red Lobster disclosed that its assets and liabilities ranged from $1 billion to $10 billion.

Thanks to the bankruptcy, Red Lobster will be able to postpone landlord evictions and other vendor debts that it has not paid in recent months.

“This restructure is Red Lobster’s best course of action going forward.” Red Lobster CEO Jonathan Tibus stated, “It enables us to overcome several financial and operational obstacles and come out stronger and refocused on our goals.”

The main stakeholder in the U.S. seafood chain, Thai Union, had to write off $530 million in the fourth quarter of last year due to the firm’s all-you-can-eat shrimp offer, which ultimately led to its liquidation. The chain initially had 650 locations.

The $20 promotion ultimately increased to $25.

Red Lobster has also gone through five CEOs since 2021 as a result of its recent struggles to stem the company’s declining revenue.

“A former Red Lobster executive told CNN that the Thailand-based firm imposed massive cost reductions, including those that were pennywise and pound stupid because they damaged sales.”

Additionally, according to the complaint, Red Lobster owes its 36,000 workers $16.7 million in outstanding pay.

Established in 1968, the corporation boasted around 700 sites as of 2019. Sales fell by 13% between 2019 and 2023, indicating that it was unable to recover its popularity following the epidemic.

Author: Scott Dowdy

Four senators from different political parties came together last week to emphasize the importance of increasing funding for AI research. The argument is that if the government does not move swiftly, the United States will soon fall behind.

According to Fox News Digital, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is in charge of the nonpartisan organization. Senators Todd Young of Indiana and Mike Rounds of South Dakota, both Republicans, join him.

The group acknowledged that they did not always agree on the best courses of action, but they also agreed that the United States must react to China’s significant investment in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The 31-page study that the four senators finished offers several general policy suggestions.

“We will not wait for legislation covering every facet of artificial intelligence in society.”

According to Rounds, “the money associated with this specific investment will provide rewards to the taxpayers of our country over the long run.”

China now invests in AI development at a rate that is likely ten times higher than ours. They are rushing,” he continued.

In particular, the group’s design focuses on generative AI, which can produce images, text, and videos in response to stimuli supplied by humans. Although technology is inventive and fascinating, some individuals are concerned about the future of certain vocations that may become obsolete due to technological advancements.


Young, according to the Associated Press, realized that “we are going to have to work out collectively as an institution” how to handle this technology after seeing the emergence of ChatGPT and other models.

“People started to speculate about potential problems connected with future breakthroughs in artificial intelligence in the same breath that they were amazed by the potential of just one generative AI platform,” Young continued.

As a result, the organization is requesting that the US government allocate $32 billion annually to AI research unrelated to defense. Schumer said that the United States must continue to hold the upper hand against China.

Schumer further stated that taking action did not require waiting for legislation covering every aspect of artificial intelligence.

“We will not wait for legislation that tackles all facets of artificial intelligence in society,” he declared.

The Senate Rules Committee debated how artificial intelligence (AI) may affect or possibly endanger the nation’s electoral system on Wednesday.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

As portrayed in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” Galt’s Gulch was a remote colony of inventors and businessmen engaged in the “great strike.” They left to escape a culture that stifled their creativity, overburdened them with rules, and took away the fruits of their labor. Joe Biden, the president, would be wise to observe that when society pushes its most productive individuals too far, they may decide to completely withhold their gifts.

That is exactly what Biden’s most recent budget plan promises to do—it would raise the capital gains tax rate to a historic 44.6%. The suggested amount has chilled the collective spines of investors, small company owners, and anyone with a basic understanding of economics. This idea is especially offensive, not just because of the outrageous tax rate but also because of the seriously poor economic reasoning that supports it.

If Biden’s plans succeed, one can only wonder how long it will take for our own “Atlases” to shrug and leave us with a poorer society that has pushed them away.

Let us analyze Biden’s idea first. The highest individual income tax rate will rise from 37% to 39.6% as part of the hike, while the net investment income tax will increase from 3.8% to 5%. Practically speaking, eligible dividends and long-term capital gains above $1 million will be subject to regular income tax rates, essentially increasing the highest federal tax rate to 44.6% on these earnings. In places with significant state and local taxes, such as California and New York, the total might rise to about 60%.

Think about the consequences. After decades of growing their modest business with blood, sweat, and treasure, the couple decides to sell their labor of love when they retire. Under Biden’s plan, they would get a harsh tax rate that would take away over half of their income as compensation for years of diligence and taking calculated risks. This is not a case of “taxing the rich”. It robs American employers and business owners.

The administration claims that these tax increases are required to finance its expansive spending plans, which include sending your taxes overseas to fight in far-off proxy wars and growing the size and reach of the federal government to support initiatives like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. This reasoning, however, seems flimsy given that the US has a spending problem rather than an income problem.

Federal revenue as a proportion of GDP is close to historical averages, despite post-pandemic expenditure still being above historical standards and expected to rise to record-high, unsustainable levels. Biden’s planned tax increases are a blatant attempt to use tax revenue from the productive sector of the economy to support an ever-expanding bureaucratic goliath.

Investment is the driving force behind economic growth. We will eventually get less investment income as a result of higher taxes, which will also mean fewer jobs for hardworking American families. According to the Tax Foundation, Biden’s tax increases may result in the loss of approximately a million jobs. Reduced investment leads to slower economic growth, fewer jobs, and a lower rise in living standards. Because money is so mobile in a global market, high tax rates like this will encourage investment to go to countries with more tax-friendly economies.

Republicans in Congress successfully enacted the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which President Trump signed into law. This act stopped corporate inversions and encouraged more investment and profits to stay in the United States, therefore establishing a favorable tax climate for American corporations. Biden’s proposed tax changes will reverse our gains and take our economy and tax structure in another direction.

It is important to note that China’s top capital gains tax rate would be less than half of what the United States is proposing. China is aggressively seeking foreign investment as it works to become the global economic superpower, but the Biden administration appears set on penalizing achievement and discouraging the same capital that fosters innovation and expansion.

In order to ensure that the wealthiest pay their “fair share,” Biden will contend that his taxes would primarily affect the wealthy. However, the Biden family’s history of dodging taxes demonstrates how little faith he has in his own words. Joe and Jill Biden classified their almost $13.3 million in speaking fees and book royalties as S-corporation profits in order to avoid paying payroll taxes on them in 2017 and 2018. This allowed them to avoid paying payroll taxes on their earnings. Thanks to this strategy, they were able to avoid paying approximately $500,000 in Medicare and Obamacare taxes, money that would have gone toward funding the same initiatives that Biden seems to favor.

A long-standing pillar of American wealth, free enterprise, and individual success are under attack in President Biden’s plan for a capital gains tax. If passed, it will discourage investment, hinder economic expansion, and eventually result in greater poverty for all of us. This is not the path to future improvement. Better is due to the people of America.

The most prosperous Americans may leave an economy that penalizes them for their achievements, much as the members of John Galt’s famous strike did. If Biden’s plans succeed, one can only speculate as to how long it will take for our own “Atlases” to decide to shrug and leave us with a poorer society that has pushed them away.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

The most recent Times Square billboard by the Job Creators Network (JCN) criticizes President Joe Biden and his administration for making up the claim that inflation was 9% when they took office.


In fact, within the past few weeks, Biden has made a number of untrue and deceptive claims about inflation. When President Biden made the incorrect claim that inflation was 9% when he entered office, according to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the intention was to imply that “the forces that generated inflation were in place when he stepped into the government when he took office.”

Under President Biden’s leadership, consumer prices have increased by 20%, placing small companies and American people in precarious financial situations. However, Biden is still trying to change the past in an effort to shift responsibility and increase support before the election in November, according to a statement from Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of the Job Creators Network.

“Inflation was 1.4% when Biden began office, not 9% as he previously asserted. Is there anything that the White House finds offensive about us?

Concerned about inflation, people accuse Biden of making their financial situation worse than it was under President Trump’s economic policies.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

It feels like we just bemoaned the well-known but under-discussed open secret about political memoirs earlier this week. Very few people purchase them, even fewer read them, and yet they manage to make it into bestseller lists.

This also applies to Kamala Harris, the alleged US vice president. In 2019, Harris’s memoir “The Truths We Hold” brought in a meager $234.13 in royalties, as revealed in her financial statements for 2023. Of course, the book is not brand new, but Harris’ royalties clearly did not last long enough to outlive the novelty of the supposed author’s chuckle.

Sales of the “young” edition may constitute child abuse, however, it is unclear from the financial statement whether or not that was the case.

In 2019, Harris’s children’s book titled “Superheroes Are Everywhere” brought in a more natty $8,254 in royalties. Who purchased enough copies of the “Superheroes Are Everywhere” book to earn Harris a royalty check in the upper four figures? I am really intrigued to find out. School districts controlled by leftists would be the only purchasers I would consider. I’d need a couch to fall asleep on and something strong to drink. Unless you count the drink alone,.

I am curious as to whether the writers of Harris’s novels received any compensation other than a nominal, upfront cost. As Jordan Schachtel put it last week, the well-known individual whose likeness appears on the cover “gets a ton of cash, a reputation boost, and occasionally the prestige of being on the NY Times best-selling book list.” “Even if it is just to have a few phone calls with the actual author, who often gets a modest five-figure sum (around $10,000 to $20,000) for six months of dedicated effort,”

Even for someone as famous and politically connected as Harris, the revenues in the medium term did not amount to much.

The yearly declaration also showed that the Veep received a thoughtful present from ESPN. The formerly dominant sports network sent Harris a pair of Atlanta Cricket Celebration Bowl tickets valued at $1,890 in December 2023. In retaliation, Harris went on to speak about her time at Howard University while appearing in the broadcast booth.

While we are discussing disclosures, I feel obligated to bring up a few points from the First Couple’s annual report.

Last year, royalty revenue from any of Joe Biden’s books was zero. However, it was her husband’s childhood storybook that inspired DOCTOR Jill’s children’s book, “Joey.” The 2020 publication of her book “Joey: The Story of Joe Biden” screams “BY NY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR JILL BIDEN” on the cover, in letters that are identical in size as “The Story of Joe Biden.”

According to an unreliable source, royalties for “Joey’s” 2023 will be between $2,501 and $5,000. It was most certainly public school libraries that made the purchases; in fact, I would wager next month’s house payment on it.

The fact that Biden had so little to disclose about his finances, given his impressive (if not a bit cryptic) wealth, was the most intriguing thing to me regarding his financial filings.

Author: Scott Dowdy

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Indiana) recently questioned Xavier Becerra, Biden’s secretary of health and human services, about the fact that NGOs are profiting immensely from human trafficking, particularly the smuggling of children, as a result of the administration’s open border policy.

“Illegal people traffickers generate billions in profits, and Joe Biden is paying their NGO collaborators billions of your tax cash every year,” Banks said in a statement to Blaze News. The Biden border crisis is a complex scam. The American people lose out while Mexican drug lords and Democratic activists enrich themselves at the expense of youngsters in other countries.

“I find that repulsive; it makes me sick.”

Banks questioned Becerra on the department’s policy on border-crossing unaccompanied children at Wednesday’s hearing before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

In her statement to Becerra, Banks informed the secretary that, under Biden’s and your administration, an estimated 481,535 minors had crossed the southern boundary. “According to the New York Times, your agency has reported losing touch with 85,000 children.” Unfortunately, that data is from more than a year ago, so it is safe to assume that it has increased since then.”

During his remarks to Becerra, Banks cited a New York Times article from last year that drew on the evidence of former HHS whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas. Rodas claimed that the department had “lost immediate contact with” hundreds of thousands of children brought to the nation illegally as unaccompanied immigrants.

“Smugglers have allegedly sold migrants into conditions of forced labor or prostitution — types of human trafficking — in order to recover their costs,” Banks wrote, citing the Congressional Research Service’s estimate that 75 to 80% of unaccompanied minors are now traveling with smugglers. According to the Coalition Against Trafficking and Women, “Children trafficking and child pornography make up 60% of the unaccompanied children exploited by cartels.”

The question that Banks wanted Becerra to answer concerned the policies of the Biden administration regarding the repatriation of unaccompanied youngsters to their relatives abroad or their placement with so-called sponsors in the US.

The government is adhering to the existing laws surrounding asylum petitions, according to Becerra.

Allow me to pose this question in a different manner. What would happen if a fifteen-year-old girl crossed the border from, say, Guatemala? Would we deport her to her family there or retain her in the US? Monetary institutions faced questions.

“By law, we would have to provide her a hearing if she asked for one,” Becerra said in response.

Banks persisted in questioning the HHS secretary regarding the number of unaccompanied youngsters reunited with their families under the Biden administration.

“That is not something I am familiar with,” Becerra said. “I will not guess, but I can tell you that the Department of Homeland Security is the place to go for such information.”

We are both aware that the correct response is zero. “You have no children left behind when you return to your native country,” Banks said.

The government must “follow what the law states,” Becerra said, adding that this includes providing an adjudication of an asylum claimant.

The administration’s open border policy, according to a new Free Press article, is generating enormous revenues for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially from the trade of unaccompanied youngsters.

Worldwide Refugee Assistance, Southwest Key Programs, and Endeavors, Inc. are three well-known non-governmental organizations (NGOs) whose total income has grown significantly over the past several years. In 2022, the three groups got $2 billion, but in 2019, they only got $597 million. Annual salaries for the CEOs of the NGOs exceed half a million dollars.

Unaccompanied kids have access to programs like pet therapy, music therapy, “people-plant interaction” (also known as “horticulture therapy”), and more thanks to major federal subsidies awarded to NGOs.

Banks pressed Becerra for an explanation of the government’s large spending on non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

“Democrats are making a fortune off of it,” Banks stated, accusing the Secretary of State and his boss of being involved for financial gain.

“Her compensation increased by $520,000 in three years; she is the CEO of Global Refuge, an NGO to which you donate substantial funds. According to Banks, the previous head of an NGO named Southwest Key Programs earned 3.5 million dollars. The new chief executive officer earns one million dollars. The CEO of Endeavors, who had previously worked as an advisor in Obama’s administration, earned $600,000 that year. A former official from Biden’s transition team who assisted you in screening political appointees was instrumental in Endeavor’s acquisition of a $520 billion, no-bid concession. Now you want us to hand up $9.3 billion to fund even more non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars. All this money will go toward enriching your Democratic pals and contributors.”

While speaking with Becerra, Banks expressed her disgust and vowed to do all in her power to oppose the matter.

Author: Scott Dowdy

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Joe Biden reiterated a bombshell on inflation, saying that the economic indicator was “near nine percent when I was sworn in, and now it is down around three percent.”

A week earlier, in response to a question concerning how the continued inflation issue was destroying the middle class, the president said to CNN’s Erin Burnett, “It was nine percent when I came to office, nine percent.” For whatever reason, Biden appears to have resorted to repeating this falsehood, some of which I will discuss.

To start with the fact-checking, it is completely untrue that inflation was at 9% when Biden became president. On the other hand, it was only 1.4%. Even before the epidemic, it was well below the typical two percent Federal Reserve range. Only until the current president signed the American Rescue Plan, a two-trillion-dollar scam that injected even more deficit-financed money into an already overheated economy, did inflation start to soar.

It was not until the summer of 2022—more than a year and a half after Biden became office—that inflation rose to nine percent. I am sure if we give the president enough time, he will come up with something even more egregious than this one.

Depending on how much of a rounddown you want to give Biden, the assertion that inflation is “down about three percent today” could be accurate. Technically, the most recent available figure for inflation in March 2024 was 3.5%, and all indications suggest a further increase when the April 2024 report comes out.

So why, in his past two press interviews, did Biden tell such a readily refutable lie? It is always safe to assume that he is cognitively impaired. Maybe he was merely making these two sincere errors, and he truly could not recall when he became president. But does he merit a chance to prove himself? Not in my opinion.

Given that he is now trailing Donald Trump in the polls, I am far more likely to think that Biden is aware that he is lying and feels compelled to alter the story.

It is difficult to deny that during his entire political career—and maybe even before that—the president has been a chronic liar. This is a man who had to withdraw from the presidential campaign due to plagiarism and fabrications about his time in college. He is incapable of giving a speech without stating anything that is blatantly untrue or deceptive. Is there any question in his mind that the purpose of these most recent falsehoods is to further his political career?

As I mentioned earlier, this untruth is just too readily exposed, which is unfortunate for him. and CNN, two major media fact-checkers, have also joined the fray by ranking Biden’s inflation deception as “false.” He needs to improve his lying significantly if he intends to do so, he must significantly improve his lying.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

The New York Fed discovered this week, that since the epidemic, families had accrued credit card debt and experienced a higher percentage of delinquencies.

There are various reasons why credit card payments go unpaid, including financial difficulty and decreased income due to inflation. Under President Joe Biden, costs increased by almost 20% on average.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) calculated in May that the rising cost of living under Biden cost the average Wisconsin family an additional $21,981. In certain places, a medium fry meal, a medium beverage, and a McDonald’s Big Mac burger cost $18, an increase of $10 over the previous year while former President Donald Trump was in office.

The New York Fed released a study on the delinquent trend that stated, “For all debt outside of student loans, delinquency has been slowly climbing since the fourth quarter of 2021, following unprecedented lows during the COVID-19 epidemic.” “In particular, credit card delinquencies have surpassed pre-pandemic levels.”

Last quarter, almost 120,000 Americans received a bankruptcy notice on their credit reports. About 4.8% of Americans had debt in third-party collections.

In the three years when Biden’s inflation affected households, family debt in the US increased by 25%. This indicates that Americans are utilizing debt as a hedge against inflation, according to other research from the Fed.

Bloomberg stated that the Fed’s research revealed that younger borrowers and those with lower salaries are more likely to experience financial stress than older borrowers and those with higher incomes, who could have access to more credit.

According to the Fed’s research, the percentage of credit card debt that moved into substantial delinquency increased to 6.9% from 4.6% in the previous quarter. Additionally, 9.9% of credit card debt for users between the ages of 18 and 29 was very delinquent.”

“Housing debt is the largest category of household debt.”It represents almost 70% of the total. “Despite the fact that debt is doing well, people are using home equity loans more frequently to access their acquired value.”

“The amount of outstanding student loan debt remained at $1.60 trillion, essentially constant. It is challenging to estimate how much of that debt is past due because credit bureaus do not record late federal student loan payments until the fourth quarter.

According to a recent Financial Times/Michigan Ross survey, the majority of respondents (51%) think that Biden’s economic policies have worsened their financial situation. The poll revealed negative findings regarding Biden’s chances of winning reelection.

Just 28% of voters believed that Biden’s economic policies improved their financial circumstances.

Seventy-one percent stated that the state of the economy is bad. Rising costs are one of their major difficulties, according to 80% of respondents.

Less than six months before November’s presidential election, the Times said that the survey findings “show people are still blaming Biden for rising consumer costs, such as those for gas and food.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

A new survey states that under President Joe Biden’s administration, the unemployment rate for foreign-born immigrants in the United States is over 50%.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released research on Monday showing that just 46% of immigrants who entered the country “in 2022 or later” had jobs by the start of 2024.

Researchers at the CIS, Steven Camarota and Karen Zeigler, noted, “Immigration certainly adds workers to the country, but it just as plainly adds non-workers who need to be supported by the labor of others.”

“This still holds true now, as it did in the past, and it will undoubtedly continue to be true for new immigrants in the future.” It is important for those who only view immigration as a labor supply to realize that it also brings in schoolchildren, pensioners, and a host of other non-workers.”

The CIS report’s data refutes claims put forth by proponents of illegal immigration, who claim that migrant workers contribute to the economy by working hard.

According to the analysis, over the 39 months since Biden assumed office in January 2021, there has been an approximate 6.6 million rise in the number of migrants in the United States has increased by approximately 6.6 million.

There were 51.6 million foreign-born migrants as of March 2024, which is 5.1 million more than in 2022. This constituted 15.6% of the United States population.

The researchers stated in the paper that “many supporters of the illegal think they should be given work permits so they may sustain themselves while they wait for a court date.” Naturally, some people are concerned that this would just encourage more undocumented immigration. The continued border problem meant that a higher percentage of new entrants in 2024 were undocumented than in previous years.

According to a February analysis from the CIS, millions of foreign-born immigrants were the main driver of Biden’s job growth, while the number of American natives employed fell below pre-COVID-19 levels.

Author: Scott Dowdy

During speeches at a sizable beach gathering on Saturday, former President Trump pledged to replace “Bidenomics” with “MAGAnomics” on his first day in office, should he win in November.

Speaking to a gathering he claimed to be larger than 100,000 supporters in Wildwood, New Jersey, Trump criticized a number of President Joe Biden’s economic initiatives, pointing out that New Jerseyans in particular had suffered financially under the Joe Biden administration.

“We will reinstall MAGAnomics and chuck away Bidenomics on Day One,” declared Trump. “And we are going to resurrect New Jersey’s manufacturing, tourism, and other industries like never before.”

According to Trump, the “Biden inflation tax” has cost the typical New Jersey household $23,381 over the past three years. According to him, the cost of hot dogs has increased by 22%, chickens by 32%, hamburgers by 37%, soda by 30%, eggs by 50%, gasoline by 50%, and bacon by 79%.

He explained, “That is why I do not have bacon anymore.”

He said that such inflation statistics are “devastating,” putting the nation at risk of inflation “busting.” Trump also attributed the rise in oil prices to Biden’s initiatives.

He declared, “New Jersey and Pennsylvania have an easy decision to make.” “Vote for Trump in November if you want longer weekends at the seaside, more income, and reduced costs.”

He asserted that in addition to eliminating Trump’s tax cuts, “Crooked Joe wants to significantly hike your income taxes.” “I will give you a Trump middle-class, upper-class, lower-class, and business-class significant tax cut instead of a Biden tax rise,” he said. You will receive the largest amount of tax relief.

Trump assured supporters that he would put an end to Biden’s “inflation death spiral,” “green new swindle,” and “Biden spending frenzy.” He acknowledged that the stock market was doing well, but he maintained that this was only because he was winning in the polls. Should he lose the election, he also forecasts a fall “similar to 1929,” which is famous for being the start of the Great Depression.

Under his direction, the previous president declared, “We are going to drill, baby, drill.” We are planning to drastically reduce our energy. He stated that because of Biden’s actions, “energy got out of hand” and oil prices shot up to $100 per barrel, giving Russia “a fortune” and enabling President Vladimir Putin to wage war on Ukraine. In addition, he stated that Biden “would damage your property value” and that he is “trying to eradicate the suburbs” in New Jersey. He is going to ruin your money.

Before Trump’s speech, Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) made a statement at the event and told the Washington Examiner that “those who live in New Jersey suffer more than many others because it is an expensive area to live.” Not every resident of New Jersey is a millionaire.

Rep. Wildwood and much of South Jersey remarked, “Four years ago, [we] had a terrific economy; everybody was doing well [with] almost no inflation.” “Look where we have come to.”

Speaking with many participants at Trump’s Wildwood event, The Washington Examiner found that many of them cited the economy and inflation as major worries.

Christine Powell, 52, a hospice worker from Medford, New Jersey, stated, “All of us who were living paycheck to salary are now living week to week plus maxing up every single credit card because this economy is simply horrific.”

Following his graduation from college, 18-year-old Luke Reed of Glassboro, New Jersey, said he is concerned about getting a job and purchasing a home. “Inflation is out of control. While things were not too terrible under Trump, they are currently getting worse.

The former president promised during his rally that “a brand-new Trump economic boom would rapidly replace the Biden economic collapse.” “There will be another boom, similar to the last one. Our economy was the strongest in our nation’s history.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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