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While residents of Manhattan are required to pay hundreds of dollars a month for small flats, illegal border crossers in New York City are nevertheless given free rent for thousands of square feet of apartments and hotel rooms.

For instance, a lengthy article in The New York Times on February 25th celebrated the “resettlement” of 170 immigrant families who moved from city-funded hotel rooms to suburban neighborhoods like Central Islip, where they are receiving free rent of up to $2,500 per month.

One illegal immigrant from Venezuela was enthused about the program after moving into a roomy, two-bedroom apartment in the nearby eastern suburb from a Manhattan motel, where she and her kids had just one room, a microwave, a mini-fridge, and a table and chair.

She exclaimed to the newspaper, “To come from where we have come from and to be here.” “This may be a little flat for some, but it’s a magnificent apartment for me.”

According to Martha Maffei, executive director of SEPA Mujer, an NGO collaborating with the government to disperse migrants around the area, they are attempting to cultivate connections with landowners. However, he continued, “It’s challenging because of how costly it is.”

Many landlords fear that when government subsidies expire, they may be forced to house impoverished illegal immigrants.

In the Big Apple, true American people likewise struggle with expenses.

Certain New Yorkers are required to pay more than a thousand dollars per month for an “apartment” that is nothing more than a bedroom, lacks a kitchen, and requires occupants to use a shared restroom several yards down the hall, while illegal immigrants are receiving free rent worth thousands of dollars.

While the above tiny room, which rents for $1,200 a month, may not be typical, similarly sized apartments are going for as much as $4,000 per month for claustrophobic living with tiny bathrooms, a kitchen that’s nothing more than a breakfast nook, and a tight hallway linking them.

State and local governments have reportedly lost out on Joe Biden’s immigration problem, regardless of the scheme. While federal agencies spend billions providing free food, clothing, housing, and education to undocumented immigrants, towns and states bear the brunt of the consequences.

According to a newly released analysis by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in the 15 years before 2020, the 2.9 million refugees and asylum seekers who called the United States home generated an 8.7% profit for the federal government, or $37.5 billion.

The same analysis did, however, also show that the taxpayers who support state and local governments suffered a $21.4 billion loss attributable to the migrants, or 7.3 percent.

Comparing the $739 billion in taxes paid by immigrants and their families to the $723.4 billion in government assistance, HHS arrived at the expenses.

However, even this alleged 2.1% profit margin was computed without factoring in several expenses related to government assistance to immigrants, including the costs of Medicare and Social Security as well as the costs of the welfare programs in which the majority of migrants ultimately join.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

According to Peter Schweizer’s new book Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China kills Americans, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, represented a member of a Chinese criminal group involved in the global heroin trade.

According to Schweizer in Blood Money, Lowell served as Ng Lap Seng’s attorney. Ng Lap Seng is a suspected member of the Shui Fong triad, which is allegedly involved in the global narcotics trade.

The revelation is noteworthy because, according to Schweizer, the president of the Government Accountability Institute and a senior contributor to Breitbart News, Lowell’s connections to a suspected member of a criminal gang involved in the drug trade present a potentially embarrassing situation for President Biden given his administration’s lax fentanyl policy.

Schweizer notes in Blood Money: These “conflicting personal relationships” would make Joe Biden’s drug policy toward China problematic.

“Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, has defended a number of well-known American clients, including members of the Trump family and New Jersey senator Bob Menendez. However, he also served as Ng Lap Seng’s attorney. Additionally, Lowell has defended Qin Fei, who is believed to be a Chinese intelligence official, and Lum Davis, who admitted to illegally advocating for the Chinese government. When it comes to taking on China on fentanyl, the issue of competing personal relationships affects not just the Biden family but also members of his cabinet. The quiet also does so.”

The Bidens are not without connections in China. Hunter’s Hollywood attorney, Kevin Morris, continues to own a ten percent share in BHR Partners, a multibillion-dollar fund that has assets around the globe and strong links to the Bank of China, a state-owned bank, in addition to Lowell. Breitbart News exclusively reported on this development.

According to Schweizer in Blood Money, Joe Biden’s international drug trade policies have not been successful in holding China responsible for the supply of precursor chemicals needed by drug gangs to produce fentanyl.

“As of this writing, Biden has not brought up the topic with President Xi, according to officially disclosed notes of his discussions with the Chinese leader.” Despite not having taken any American lives at the time, the so-called monkeypox virus was given “czar” status in the White House upon its emergence in 2022. There is no “czar” status for fentanyl at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Furthermore, China has not faced consequences.”

“The Biden administration identified twenty-two nations as drug manufacturing or transit hubs in late 2022. Is one nation absent from the roster? China. Biden could only make the following pledge while outlining his administration’s drug policy: “We will strive to enhance collaboration with China… to disrupt the worldwide flow of synthetic medicines and their precursor ingredients.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

After its boast in a recent diversity report that it pays white employees less than employees of ethnic minorities in comparable jobs, Microsoft is drawing criticism. According to the survey, employees who are Asian earn higher salaries than employees who are Black or White and have the same job titles, levels, and tenure.

According to Microsoft’s 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Report, the company is proud of its “pay equality mission,” despite the fact that racial minorities who qualify for awards make $1.007 less overall than white employees do. According to the survey, compared to white employees with the same job titles, levels, and tenure, Asian employees earn a higher $1.012, while Black and African American employees earn $1.004.

The study makes it clear that the data shows total compensation, which includes stock awards, yearly bonuses, and a basic salary. Microsoft also took great pride in promoting far-left ideology among its staff, with 96.4 percent of them saying they were aware of “allyship.”

Major businesses have been promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) over equality, and this discriminatory policy is part of that trend. Employing diversity measures to decide staff bonuses has landed Disney in a recent federal civil rights lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, Disney deliberately discriminates against Christians, Jews, and white American men based only on their racial, sexual, and religious identities.

According to Breitbart News:

“On Wednesday, America First Legal filed the case against Disney. The organization used stolen internal records and publicly accessible materials from Disney’s official websites to demonstrate how leaders have made diversity, equality, and inclusion a key component of the company’s employment procedures.
“That a business whose brand was formerly associated with benign and endearing childhood fantasy is now committed to promoting divisive hatred is sad and unfortunate. Stephen Miller, CEO of America First Legal and a former Trump administration official, stated, “We encourage Disney to halt and desist its unlawful and damaging actions right now.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

Every now and then a tale comes up that truly makes you cringe. That’s what this is. This story is about a man named Leonal Moreno, who is an immigrant from Venezuela (I’m not sure if he’s here legally or illegally), an open bragger who openly boasts about living off American taxpayer money, and who shouts support for the Times Square shooter. Put another way, Leonal Moreno is a supporter of attempted murder and a parasite. He declares:

“I want you to locate [his] mother and get together to pay the penalties so that the young Venezuelan knows he’s not alone when things get tough. The Venezuelan TikToker stated, “Remember that up there is a God who observes everything [down here].”

He said, “Remember that the young man is about to be released. Instead of assisting him, an entire nation is on top of him.” And you know why he’s going to be released? as he is a minor.”

No. It’s just a matter of luck that this young criminal didn’t kill anyone because a nation is turning against him for firing on innocent bystanders. Moreno is promoting the idea that the community of Venezuelan immigrants should support and console an individual who has tried murder. It is likely that Moreno believes, rightly, that throughout Job Biden’s administration, there would be no deportation for this group of immigrants, regardless of their actions.

But Moreno is far from finished:

“Moreno’s material focuses on his way of life, including how he begs people on the street for money and lives off of government assistance.”

“In a different video that was uploaded on February 21st, Moreno explained why he was coming to the US, saying, “You came here for a job, and I came here for vacation. See the difference? I didn’t come here for the same reason as you did. To make up for the taxes you failed to pay in Venezuela, you traveled to the United States.” The immigrant said in a second video that she didn’t like working since it made her allergic to certain things. In the end, none of us has money—you work, I don’t. They never stop berating us because I survive off the taxes you pay each month.”

Yes, you read it right—according to him, Moreno came to the United States specifically to fulfill his dream of becoming a parasite. A competent president would inform Maduro that we are sending his people back and that he should shut up and accept it, and the federal government would issue this little weasel a one-way aircraft ticket to Caracas. The U.S. Marshals would also see that he boarded the plane.

The border crisis has gotten out of hand. Even worse, the whole immigration machinery is running amok. Whether this is a feature or a bug, the Biden administration is obviously willing to let millions of people cross the border illegally and then disappear, with no checks, no vetting, no jokes—just some taxpayer money, a bus ticket to the major city of their choice, a free cell phone, and a pat on the back. As I have often stated, we have no clue who these individuals are, where they are headed, or what they plan to do when they arrive—many of them are young, unaccompanied males of military age.

Author: Blake Ambrose

Immigrants, many of whom are illegal, have benefited from the purported fantastic employment growth that Dems, and particularly the Biden White House, have praised. Men born in the United States who do not hold college degrees are having difficulty finding work in Biden’s economy.

These days, employers should pick the best qualified candidate, therefore, hiring legal immigrants is acceptable. There are a lot of legal immigrants who make major economic contributions. However, the New York Post calculated that up to half of the migrants taking millions of jobs are probably illegal immigrants, as 6 out of 10 of the three million more working migrants are non-citizens. These illegal immigrants are using government resources and seizing employment that could go to Americans, even though they have no right to be in the nation at all. Unfortunately, Dems and some GOPers are completely uninterested in solving the issue.

The New York Post said, “There are tremendous expenses connected with illegal immigration.” “People with that skill profile typically make modest incomes, pay relatively little taxes, and consume a great deal of means-tested benefits. The majority of illegal immigrants have low levels of education.” However, the site also stated that they steal lower-paying positions that belong to Americans.

“The long-term drop in US-born men’s labor force participation is one of the most significant social issues facing our nation… In the fourth quarter of 2019, the rate of labor force participation for males who were born in the United States but do not possess a bachelor’s degree, ranging from 18 to 64, was 76.3%. As of right now, it is still lower at 75.6%.

“And those are both much lower than the rates of 82.6% in 2000 and 80.6% in 2006.”

About 90% of these American males were employed in the 1960s, if you travel back a few decades.

Just to refresh your memory, the unemployment rate is determined solely by taking into account individuals who have been jobless for the four weeks prior to the estimate of the rate. In contrast, labor force participation comprises only those who are employed or seeking employment. This implies that the number of jobless American men is far higher.

This drop is significant since being unemployed has a long list of detrimental effects on people, their families, and society as a whole. “An increased likelihood of criminality, social isolation, and so-called “deaths of despair,” such as drug overdoses, drunkenness, and suicide, is associated with not working.”

The New York Post pointed out that assistance and disability programs, among other things, do have an impact on Americans’ attempts to enter the labor market. But the fact that all those new jobs are benefiting immigrants—many of whom are undocumented—rather than males who were born in the United States indicates that the Democrats’ open-border policies are beneficial to immigrants but detrimental to Americans in the United States. The Biden White House’s policies continue to weaken Americans and reward foreign lawbreakers.

Author: Scott Dowdy

For the first time in twenty years, the Teamsters political committee sent $45,000 to the Republican National Committee, according to a report.

The Washington Post revealed the payment on Wednesday. It appears that the donation occurred on the same day that former President Donald Trump had his second meeting with the Teamsters’ leadership in January.

The influential organized labor union has historically given to Democrats; according to the publication, it contributed to the Democratic National Committee $135,000 in December of last year and another $15,000 in March of 2023. However, this is the first time the group has given to the RNC since it last gave $15,000 in 2004.

According to the Post, Trump is well-liked by many of the union’s regular members, despite the fact that the gift has apparently infuriated some of the organization’s left-leaning officials and members.

The Post reports that the union covers around 1.3 million UPS employees as well as other transportation workers. While several unions have already nominated Biden for 2024, the group has not yet chosen a candidate for that year. It has endorsed Barack Obama in 2012 and 2008, Hillary Clinton in 2016, and President Joe Biden in 2020.

John Palmer, a member of the Teamsters executive board, claimed that the RNC gift appeared to be a “tacit support” of Trump.

“In my tenure on the board, we have never accomplished something like this,” he remarked. “It seems like an implicit support of Trump, but I think the strategy is that we’ll have a little more influence with the GOP.”

The National Labor Relations Board now has a labor advocate at the helm, making it easier for workers to join unions. The Post also cited Biden’s victories for the labor movement as approving trillions of dollars in federal spending on climate, semiconductors, and infrastructure packages that encourage businesses to hire union workers.

The report did note that in 2022, Biden faced opposition from train workers when he requested that Congress impose a union contract to prevent a walkout that did not provide paid sick days.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Biden posed for pictures in January when Biden inadvertently wore his hardhat backwards at a meeting with union workers in Wisconsin.

Author: Scott Dowdy

Following a hack against the nation’s largest prescription processing company, Change Healthcare, pharmacies are encountering delays nationwide. On Wednesday, the company said that it was “experiencing a network interruption linked to a cyber security problem.”

Change Healthcare stated, “Once we became aware of the external danger, we took prompt steps to disconnect our systems to minimize additional effects in the interest of safeguarding our partners and patients.”

The IT business continued, “At this point, we think the issue is exclusive to Change Healthcare, and all other systems throughout UnitedHealth Group are functioning.” “We anticipate that the disturbance will continue at least for the day.”

Change Healthcare, one of the biggest providers of healthcare technology in the US, which processes payments from patients and orders across the nation, has not revealed the details of the incident.

According to an article from the Huron Daily Tribune, pharmacies have seen disruptions as a result of the event.

For instance, Michigan-based healthcare company Scheurer Health stated that none of its family pharmacy sites could fill prescriptions.

On the other hand, a medical group at Kansas’ McConnell Air Force Base reported on Wednesday that there was a temporary pharmacy outage. They also noted that they understood the trouble this may create and appreciated the patient as they worked to find a solution.

22nd Medical Group stated, “Our staff is trying to restore comprehensive pharmacy services as quickly as feasible.” ” Tomorrow or later is when we plan to have this issue resolved. We’ll keep an eye on things and keep you informed about our developments.

“The 22nd Medical Group Pharmacy is unable to fill new prescriptions as a result of an unanticipated MHS Genesis outage that affected the whole organization. In a follow-up post on Thursday, the medical organization stated, “But our pharmacy is still open and will keep filling prescriptions that have already been filled.

Canadian Lakes Pharmacy, situated in Michigan, further declared on Wednesday that it is “the issue that has been occurring yesterday and starting today that is impacting most establishments.”

Canadian Lakes Pharmacy said that “several of the major prescription processors in North America are experiencing a statewide outage.”

“We can accept your prescription, but for the majority of insurance policies, we are unable to bill your insurer. It would be fantastic if you could hold off on picking up your prescription for a day or so, the pharmacist stated.

“We appreciate your patience, understanding, and ongoing support,” the drugstore said in closing. “Unfortunately, this affects the majority of pharmacies and is entirely beyond our control.”

Change Healthcare has not yet released a timeframe for when it will resume its regular operations, although the outage is anticipated to linger until Friday.

Author: Blake Ambrose

Attorney General of New York Letitia James stated in an interview with ABC News on Tuesday that she is ready to take possession of former President Donald Trump’s property if he is unable to obtain the money to pay a $354 million judgment in his civil fraud case.

James stated to ABC News that “we will pursue judgment enforcement procedures in court, and we will urge the judge to take his assets if he does not have cash to pay up the judgment.”

On Friday, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron found that Trump had misrepresented his net worth in order to obtain more advantageous loan conditions. As a result, the former president was penalized $354.8 million plus about $100 million in pre-judgment interest.

Trump has declared he would challenge the decision. Nevertheless, before he can file an appeal, he must provide New York State with the fine as bail.

James added, “Financial frauds are not victimless crimes,” but he did not mention any victims and instead called the scam “huge” in response to a question concerning Trump’s assertion that the banks were paid back for all loans and that there were no victims in the case.

“He committed this significant scam. The amount of the deception was astounding, the variances are much exaggerated, and it wasn’t simply a straightforward error or carelessness, she contended. “If everyday New Yorkers went into a bank and provided fake paperwork, the government would throw the book at them, and the same should be true for previous presidents,” she said, posing a hypothetical scenario.

James claimed that she had her eye on the “Trump building,” which is Trump’s structure at 40 Wall Street.

“We are ready to ensure that New Yorkers receive their just compensation, and yes, I do regularly visit 40 Wall Street,” she remarked.

She shot off Trump’s claim that companies will boycott New York because of the lawsuit, stating, “Travel is up as of last I looked.” Wall Street is operating well.

“Someone once told me if you want anything done, give it to a woman,” she boasted, referencing herself, columnist E. Jean Carroll, and the troubled charges filed against Trump by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Author: Scott Dowdy

According to a White House news statement, the Biden administration said early on Wednesday morning that it has authorized the cancellation of an additional $1.2 billion in federal student loan debt.

According to the latest announcement, debt would be waived for about 153,000 borrowers who are presently enrolled in the Saving on a Valuable Education repayment scheme.

The debt forgiveness option is available to SAVE-enrolled borrowers who took out no more than $12,000 and have been making monthly payments for a minimum of ten years. On the other hand, borrowers who borrowed more than $12,000 can potentially have their debt forgiven.

The White House said, “After an extra year of payments, a borrower will receive relief for every additional $1,000 they initially borrowed.” “For example, if a borrower enrolled in SAVE has been in repayment for 12 years and took out federal loans totaling $14,000 or less to obtain an associate’s degree in biotechnology, they will receive full debt help starting this week.”

As early as this week, qualified borrowers will start to have their debts canceled.

The Biden-Harris Administration executed this SAVE clause and is giving assistance to borrowers over six months ahead of schedule, the White House said. The original intention was for July.

“Aid community college and certain other borrowers with lesser debts and put many on pace to being free of student debt sooner than ever before” is the stated goal of the forgiveness proposal.

The White House stated, “85% of future community college borrowers will now be debt-free within a 10 year time frame under the Biden-Harris Administration’s SAVE plan.”

The Biden administration has thus far cancelled about $138 billion in federal student loans, and American taxpayers will be responsible for paying for them. Despite “Republicans in Congress and their supporters” trying to “obstruct” the administration “every step of the way,” the White House boasted that Biden “had erased more student debt than any President in history.”

According to the administration, “fixing the student loan system and making sure higher education is a bridge to the middle class” are the goals of its debt forgiveness proposal.

To get around the Supreme Court’s June ruling that struck down Biden’s proposal to cancel all federal student loans, the administration has been introducing a number of smaller but comparable debt forgiveness schemes.

The Biden administration declared in January that it would forgive 74,000 debtors’ federal student loan debt totaling more than $5 billion.

Millions of student loan debtors are refusing to make payments in the hopes that this will put pressure on the federal government to implement unilateral cancellations, according to a study conducted by and published last month.

Author: Blake Ambrose

According to The New York Times, autoworkers in Michigan are concerned that their employment may be at risk due to President Joe Biden’s initiatives advocating for the switch to electric cars (EVs).

The president’s support of electric vehicles (EVs) has angered some autoworkers who are members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union because the products require less labor to produce, which could result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in the manufacturing sector as well as in related industries like trucking and insurance, according to the New York Times. Although Biden has prioritized union support throughout his campaign and as president, the heavily unionized auto sector opposes his plan to have 50% of all new car sales in the United States come from electric vehicles by 2030.

An autoworker at a Ford plant west of Detroit, Michigan, named Tiffanie Simmons informed the New York Times of her disappointment with Biden’s advocacy for electric vehicles. “We rely on you to ensure that jobs for Americans are available.”

Recently, in an attempt to maintain the support of autoworkers, Biden has shifted his EV campaign with promises to loosen regulations on tailpipe emissions that would have accelerated the transition to zero-emission cars over the next five years.

According to the NYT, Simmons believes that because EVs have the potential to kill jobs, they are incompatible with the interests of blue-collar workers. Though Biden has deceived her, she refuses to vote for the outgoing president Donald Trump because she views him as a mere “entertainer.”

Nelson Westrick, an autoworker at the Ford facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan, north of Detroit, told the New York Times, “It’s terrifying right now with the entire electric push.” “This electric crap will kill thousands and thousands of jobs.”

As part of his effort to win over union support for his 2024 presidential candidacy, Trump chose to speak to plumbers, electricians, and autoworkers at a rally in September 2023 in Detroit, Michigan, rather than attending the second GOP presidential debate. In July, the former president also unveiled a campaign ad criticizing Biden’s support for “green new deal” initiatives like the EV transition and requesting the UAW’s backing.

Trump met in January to discuss “serious concerns” with both high-ranking and low-ranking members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Trump nearly won Minnesota in the 2016 election, but he lost both Wisconsin and Michigan.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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