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On Wednesday, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said that many Republicans favor a continuing resolution (CR) over an omnibus spending measure to avoid additional uncontrolled spending and wild inflation.

Blackburn spoke during the interview as congressional leaders continue to debate whether an omnibus funding measure or a continuing resolution to finance the government should be pursued.

However, the Tennessee conservative stated that many Republicans would prefer to use a continuing resolution (CR) to maintain current federal spending levels. According to Blackburn, an omnibus budget measure might increase expenditure and lead to increased inflation.

“My understanding is that there are negotiations going on as to whether it is going to be a year-long CR, a short-term CR, or an omnibus,” Blackburn said. “Many of us would love to see a similar strategy without all of the extra expense. One thing we do know is that if you continue to increase federal government spending, you are raising the inflation rate, making it more difficult.”

Senators Mike Braun (R-IN), Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Rick Scott (R-FL) have all expressed the necessity for a short-term continuing resolution (CR) to finance the government until Republicans retake the House in January.

Republicans sent the following letter to Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

“The American people make their opinions heard at the polls on November 8, 2022. Using the democratic process, millions of Americans conveyed a message: they want split control in Washington to rein in both parties’ worst excesses. The undersigned support the voters. We believe it would be reckless and a reflection of bad leadership for the GOP to ignore the will of the American citizens and pass an omnibus spending bill that will fund ten more months of President Joe Biden’s agenda without any checks on his reckless policies, which have resulted in a 40-year high in inflation.

President Biden has presided over a $4.8 trillion rise in the national deficit since entering office, costing the typical American household an additional $753 every month. The next Congress should establish spending priorities for the balance of the fiscal year.”

“No extra expenditure, no other policy priorities should be included,” the Senate conservatives stressed. “Any pressing topics requiring Senate consideration should be treated individually and on their own terms.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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