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In downtown Los Angeles, a brand-new apartment tower with 600,000 units built specifically for the homeless opened its doors this week.

According to local ABC affiliate KABC-7:

The Weingart Tower is a 19-story apartment building with 278 flats. This project, which will be L.A.’s largest permanent assistance housing project, aims to assist those who are still homeless on Skid Row. Along with a plethora of amazing features, including a computer room, music room, gym, art studio, and library, the building will house caseworkers’ offices on one floor.”

Building a project of this kind is still expensive, even if it’s considered inexpensive housing. Taxpayers are covering the roughly $600,000 cost of each unit.

The homeless high-rise’s construction costs per unit exceed the median Los Angeles condominium price of $564,520 as of the end of 2023.

In Los Angeles, a single-family detached home had a higher median listing price ($1.3 million).

Over the past fifteen years, Los Angeles has attempted to combat homelessness by enacting a number of tax increases and taxpayer-funded programs, but these efforts have not been able to halt the population’s increase.

Opponents claim that giving homeless individuals benefits like hotel rooms or apartments encourages them to find new ways to move into the state or city.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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